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bulletOrganization Development and Change
bulletAssist in developing strategies for organization change and development
bulletDevelop plans for organization change or development
bulletDevelop and link business, strategic and human resource plans
bulletData Collection, Analysis and Action Planning
bulletDevelop models and measures and plan data collection projects targeted at organization issues
bulletCollect data using surveys, interviews, focus groups, etc.
bulletAnalyze data using existing and custom designed software
bulletFeedback results, interpret collaboratively with organization management, and support results-based action planning
bulletHuman Resource and Management Systems
bulletConduct job analysis/develop job descriptions
bulletDesign, develop and implement organizational management systems
bulletOrganization and Job Design

Design/redesign organization structure to meet changed or new needs


Design/redesign jobs in light of changed organization goals or function


Facilitate transition to new organization structure roles, responsibilities and working relationships

bulletLeadership Development
bulletExecutive coaching
bulletDevelop processes to identify management potential
bulletDesign succession plans
bulletDevelop executive education plans
bulletTraining Design, Development and Delivery
bulletConduct training needs analysis
bulletDesign and develop customized training modules
bulletTrain in-house trainers and/or conduct training
bulletEvaluate effectiveness/modify design
bulletTeam Building
bulletDesign and conduct team building workshops
bulletDevelop new work teams and facilitate group process
bulletEducate groups to process considerations
bulletResolve conflicts and manage the richness of diversity
bulletCorporate Climate and Culture
bulletDesign, distribute and analyze customized client surveys
bulletDesign analysis of existing organization climate survey data to inform the business strategy, e.g., impact of climate on health care costs
bulletUse climate and culture data to inform action planning and organization strategy
bulletMeeting and Offsite Management
bulletOrganize and manage in-house and offsite meetings
bulletDesign and develop meeting activities and workshops
bulletFacilitate small group discussions and workshops

bulletCustomized 360 Feedback Programs
bulletIdentify the leadership and management competencies critical to the success of the business
bulletDevelop a customized questionnaire and feedback collection process
bulletDistribute questionnaires, manage data entry, and prepare a customized feedback report
bulletConduct feedback and coaching sessions

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