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Managing Organization Change:
Use of an Organization Consultation Model

An OD model provides a framework for approaching the challenge of managed organization change.

Our model is derived from the work of Burke and Litwin (1989), and is influenced by work stress research, (e.g., Boni, Michela, Schechter 1995 APA/NIOSH)

The model focuses on three constructs important to effective organization change:

bulletAn open systems view, i.e., it is grounded in the marketplace 
bulletTransformational, Transactional and Employee drivers of organization performance
bulletAlignment or "fit"


Effective change requires alignment of:

bulletThe organization with the marketplace drivers for change
bulletTransactional and Transformational organizational elements
bulletThe organization environment with employees possessing the necessary knowledge, skills,
interests and abilities


Successful change management is:

bulletSupported by an "external" change agent, working collaboratively with members of the
bulletPlanned and executed over time by the organization
bulletGrounded in an action research approach, i.e., data and the analysis and interpretation of data




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